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No Credit Card Required for Car Rental in Elizabeth NJ – Car Palace Rental

Not having a credit card is a major obstacle when renting a car. Most car rental companies will not rent to persons without one But  Car Palace Rental is different – we accept a cash deposit instead of a credit card.Car Palace Rental understands that in these hard economic times you might not have enough credit to rent a car, and we’re here to help. With a reasonable cash deposit you can be on your way in your new rental.Credit and debit cards are welcome at any time, but when you don’t have then,Car Palace Rental will be on your side and you can rent a car for cash.

Doing car rentals in the New Jersey area, we know how annoying renting a car can be. Many of our customers come to us after the hassle of going through the Newark airport and renting a car is one of the last things they want to deal with, so that’s why we’ve devoted ourselves to making your experience as smooth as possible. Our rates are low, our vehicles are in great condition, and being family owned, the employees have a tight relationship that reflects in our customer service.

Car Palace Rental also provides low rate car rental at Elizabeth, NJ. We offer affordable car rentals in NJ as low as $16.95 per day.  We also offer low weekly and monthly rates for extended use.  Our fleet boasts a large variety of late model cars that not only look great, but run great as well.  Besides our already cheap rates, we have these car rental specials in NJ.

Visit Car Palace Rental today and check out the great options we have, whether you’re looking to rent a car or buy a good used car. You can also visit our website at
We look forward to renting  you next car!

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